Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another "Big Girl" Step

"Mom, I just want to cut my hair this much." Baby girl announced for her birthday. She has long hair and was ready for a cut. So, our good friend, Tracy, agreed to cut it at the salon on her birthday. It was a very special day for baby girl. She looks so cute... so grown-up, but it's only hair and she is so proud.

Edited to add: There are no curls on this girl... only a straitening rod. She has bone straight hair and if you put a curl in it she panics. Very cute! No idea why this is all underlined... I can't get it removed. Sorry.


Pamela said...

Our dear little friend Kiri (adopted at the age of 4 by our friends)... just had her first cut
... donated to locks of love ( I think that was the organization.

Karmyn R said...

So - how does it feel to have a 5 year old? She looks so grown up.

Mama Voss said...

She is so grown-up. Although, she still let me know that she is only 5; which I appreciate.