Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time for a bit of fun!

Bowling fun for Dad's 60th Birthday!

Mandy's pregnant!

Deena explaining bowling to Dad?

Our friend and cousin Army...

Pepe rockin' it!

Cousin Army...

Auntie Deena and Monkey!

Phinneous running the scoring...

Happy Family

Vince helping the Monkey ... he loves to bowl.

So fun!

Grandpa (birthday boy) & Grandma!

Monday, March 29, 2010


I love Spring Break!

I was ready for a break...

Spring Break has changed drastically for me since I was a kid....

I still have many things to do, but it feels so good to have a week with my kids.


Pepe officially finished his first year with the premier soccer team. Saturday was the last game... unfortunately they lost, but they made a good showing (2-3). Somehow, Pepe managed to convince the entire team to head to Burgerville following the game. It was fun and he was so proud of himself. Sunday night we headed to The Spaghetti Factory for a final celebration dinner with the team. He has two weeks "off" before tryouts.


This week we are looking forward to...


Tillamook Cheese Factory

GNO with a friend to a place I've never been

Big Al's bowling

and... I'm not sure what else we will squeeze in (homework for me)

We will definitely enjoy this spring break!

Monday, March 22, 2010


The concept of living simple makes me happy.

Right now, my life is busy... too busy.

I'm over committed...

In these times it is important to slow down, find something enjoyable (Do you know that I almost missed the cherry blossoms this year. I literally drove around the corner one day and actually looked up to take in the scene and it took my breath away. Not only for the beauty, but because I'd almost missed them.)

In these times it is important to let anything not necessary "take a back seat."

In these times it is important to rest.

In these times it is important to take care of myself.

In these times it is important to love the people around you.

So today, I will work hard, I will check in with my kids... give them all of the love and attention they deserve and I will forge ahead.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The things we do...

1. play soccer for my kids
It was Juventus 98 vs the parents... again. Joe played goalie, I played defense (kind of). We are so sore that everything hurts!

Pepe against his coach from England.

Joe, the goalie...


2. go to fantasy movies
I don't like fantasy, but my son does. So, I was off to see Percy Jackson and the Olympian Lightning Thief. I went with both of my boys and we picked up a friend (a girl that we've known forever). It was a good experience and my boys were happy. Pepe did tell me that they didn't follow the book -- he was a little bummed about that, but he still liked the movie.

3. Attend and Volunteer at the school carnival
YUCK! Not a carnival fan -- but the kids had a blast. They won candy and plastic toys and were just happy.

4. Stay up late to drive and get child from a late birthday party

But it it those other moments that make it all so worth it... like when I hear Phinneous reading to Baby Girl or Pepe teaching Baby Girl about math... those moments are priceless.