Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 years ago...

10 years ago tonight I was in awe... I was in full labor with my first child. I was young, nieve and didn't know what to expect. As I progressed through the night I just kept thinking I have no idea what is around the corner. From the pain, the strength of those around me, my nerves and then my final joy of ... It's a boy... I became a Mom.

My baby turns 10 today (4.23). I so vividly remember turning 10... double digits and preteen! I am so excited for his new adventures... for our new adventures. He is not a baby anymore (nor has he been for quite some time), but there is just something about 10. I am so proud of who he has become and so excited for who he will become.

Here's to you Pepe... your mama loves you tremendously! I hope you have not only a wonderful day, but a year full of adventure and growth. There will always be struggles, but remember who you are and what you believe in. You are an amazing child. Your talents continue to inspire me...

Mom (tears streaming down my face... I love this boy)

A New Spring Adventure

The first track meet ended up just being a mock-meet. The other school canceled. It was fun to watch the kids practice their events.

Pepe threw the javelin, long jumped and ran a relay (which he had never done before). Right before he ran his coach (a highschool track boy) showed him how to hand off the baton. Thank goodness he didn't drop it. The guy he was handing off to never took a running start... just stood there and waited for Pepe to place it in his hands. FUNNY STUFF! Pepe gave his team a great lead, but in the end they came in 2nd place.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

He won! (a pack of gum?!??!)

Pepe has joined the world of track through community ed.

The other night he was timed in the 400 (which means a long way around the track).

I watched him race... three boys were ahead of him... four boys were behind him. He couldn't catch the boys in front of him, but there is NO WAY he would let the boys behind him pass him by. He rounded the corner and sprinted to the end. Most of the kids fell to the ground... Pepe stood tall, put his hands on top of his head and took deep breathes. (I was proud of him. He ran it in 1:32 seconds.)

(I headed home... he got a ride home from the neighbor.) He walks in the door with a pack of bubble gum... I won mom. (What did you win?) I came in first place. (Um, I was there... you weren't first.) No, I came in first for boys in my age group. (Oh, I thought those boys looked big.)

Woo Hoo... I am so proud of you. Wait... did you say you won a pack of gum?


Um... can you be responsible with your gum?

Duh, Mom... yes.

Back track one week... hair cutting scissors found on the counter with a wad of brown hair with blue gum in it. PEPE... DID YOU SLEEP WITH GUM IN YOUR MOUTH?




AAAAGH! (He had to wait for two days to have his hair cut properly... I was busy.) Pepe has long hair... imagine one ear cut short, the other with the hair flowing below his ear... it was soooo attractive!

The comments...

The hair stylist had the nerve to tell me that next time I should try ice and not cut his hair... WHAT? I didn't cut his hair... are you kidding me... he thought I cut my son's hair like that!

From Phinneous to Pepe... I told you she would find out. Yep, the little pill knew the entire time and kept it under wraps for big brother.

Supposedly... Pepe can now handle his gum. We'll see!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mam, we should arrive in 20 to 60 minutes...

Warning: Massive Rambling Ahead!

Ugh... me, the suburban, transmission, tow truck... YUCK!

The Story:It began the evening before... coming home from track practice. I was close to home and stopped at the stop sign and the beast wouldn't go. I put it in park and pack in drive and heard a HUGE klunk. I was able to drive the 1/4 mile home. It was too late to call a mechanic (not that I have one), so after chatting with Joe (who was out of town) decided I would deal with it tomorrow.

The next morning:Kids ready, baseball bag packed, soccer bag packed. lunches packed and everyone is on the bus... success! Pepe's baseball coach called and offered to drop by and get his baseball bag (I don't like him to have to carry it on the bus and I was going to drop it by the school... but the car... not sure about the car.) Yes... I'll leave the bag out.
Showered, my lunch packed, called a mechanic... time to go.

I head out of the drive way... so far so good. Make it to the stop sign... still doing well. Start up the road, get past the housing developments and my car starts in... loud noises... there is no where to pull over or turn around. Approaching stop sign... should I make a u-turn and head home? NO... keep going. Turn left got 20 feet and think OH NO! This is not going to work. (If you are a mom... I liken it to giving birth... the baby was crowning... I thought for sure the transmission was falling out of the car.) I find the first road, pull over and stop.
Aaaaaagh! Find AAA card, check membership (so happy that membership isn't expired) and call for a cab. Mam, there should be a tow truck there within 20 to 60 minutes. YUCK! So, I sit. Pretty soon, a truck pulls in... it is Phineous' baseball coach. He had been to the house and saw me... I assured him I was fine and he could go on his way. He was very nice to stop and check on me. I made a few phone calls (I'll be late to work, etc).

45 minutes later the tow truck arrives. Without many words I am ushered into the truck to wait. It smells... stale cigarette smoke and coffee. I start texting Joe... "I am in the cab of the tow truck." The truck shakes and moves while he loads the beast. I just keep texting friends and coworkers... a girl needs to stay busy.

Finally, we head to the mechanic. The truck shakes uncontrollably. Charlie tells me that "it has been quite a day for transmissions." And the proceeds to tell me that his truck was having transmission problems... GREAT... I am picturing the tow truck breaking down with the beast on the back of it. Oh boy. We hit the freeway... still massive shaking. We exit... Charlie says... "truck drives a little different"... I smile, laugh and say "yes". Charlies says, "no worries, I haven't rolled a truck yet." WHAT!?!!??!

At the mechanic... I sign the tow truck papers and head into the office. The men were awesome... I think they knew they were dealing with a "woman on the edge!" By this point I have to go to the bathroom... those of you that know me know that I ALWAYS have to go to the bathroom. I have been holding for an hour... guess what... the mechanic has a nice, clean bathroom... heaven!

1. Locked myself out of my house (no keys and garage door opener is programmed into the car... found a way in.)

2. Found both boys a ride to practice (While putting on Pepe's soccer shoes, we realize that he has a size 4 and a size 6... Phinneous had packed one of each shoe for baseball... thanks goodness we have extra cleats lying around.)

3. Wore cream jeans to work... sat in purple playdough... walked around for a few hours with purple playdough on my A$$

4. Pepe didn't have a great practice... dont' get me wrong... I appreciate the feedback... just tough to process today

5. Pepe slices his finger on a soup can... blood EVERYWHERE... no bandaids (they are in my car in the first aid kit... finally cute HUGE bandaids into smaller pieces. Think we may need a trip to the ER... stitches? Blood finally stops... replace saturated bandaid... we'll check it in the morning.
6. Bed time -- Aaagh -- I still have homework.

7. Homework done, BBF (BFF for most people... it's a joke I'll have to fill you in on) can't relish the idea of us without a car... especially when Pepe's finger has been sliced and I tell her to stand by... we may need a ride to the ER. She and hubby bring me there extra truck.

8. Homework done, eat dinner (9:40) and blog the story... it must be blogged in all of its rambling glory.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Teacher Life :: 100th Day of School!

Today was the 100th day of school!

It is a day filled with excitement... we also declared it polka-dot day (all the kids came dressed in polka dots).

Fun Activities:

1. Sharing our 100 day collections
bubble wrap, cheerios, shells, pennies (x2), legos, fuse beads, dog treats, mini m&m's, peanut m&m's and buttons (from the teacher).

We discussed whose bag had the most and least (volume wise), whose bag was the heaviest and lightest. The bags were left out for the day so that the kids could get a closer look.

2. Letter Zz page -- Zero the Hero
Every time there is a zero in our days of counting Zero the Hero makes an appearance and brings a special surprise. Today he visited the class and brought 2 surprises... because there are 2 zero's in 100! They each got a blow horn (yikes!) and a 100 sticker. We celebrated Zero the Hero by drawing him on our letter Zz page.

3. 100 Day Painting
I have a large picture that has 100 on it and in the numbers are 100 boxes... the kids watercolor painted it.

4. 100 Day Collage
Each child had 6x8 piece of construction paper. They made a collage by choosing 10 items to glue on their paper... feathers, eye stickers, yarn, pom poms, tape, etc.

We (my awesome parent helper) taped all of their collages on a poster board and I labeled it for 100 day... (10 collage papers with 10 items on each one = 100!)

5. 100 Snack
Again, awesome parent helper) brought in a granola bar for each child which represented the 1 in 100. She also brought 2 zeros for each child that she had cut into zero shapes. It was a very cute 100. And, just because each child got 100 mini m&m's -- which totally represented polka dot day! Very cute, fun and filling.

Happy 100 Day of School!

Monday, April 12, 2010

So many things, so little time

I have so many pictures to post, but they are still on my camera... they will have to wait.

This morning I have 2 classes and a "seminar" to go and I am finished with my Masters Degree...

(Of course I still have to finish my Action Research, write the 5th chapter, etc, etc, etc.)

A bit of happiness in the air... bring on the next class... Controversial Issues in Education!