Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week Wrap-Up

Have we really been home for a week already... seems like an eternity since we were in Maui.

* Pepe's PDP team took 2nd place in the Beaverton Cup!!!

* Basketball camp for the boys... shoes/shirts signed by Dan Dickau, evaluations, a minor scratched/black eye ("I was going for the rebound"... and it wasn't Phinneous.)

* Lunch with a good friend... with NO kids!

* Had to hire a babysitter for 4 mornings (2 different sitters) = $$$

* Class on campus MWF = $$$

* Swimming with friends at a local club = SO MUCH FUN!

* Ran out of "granilla" bars = sad Phineous

* PDP soccer... awesome program with great coaching

* Naps

* Learned to make raspberry jam from a friend... forgot to take pictures.

Vacations are great, but we were right back to our life... which I love and wouldn't change anything (well, I would like to speed up my classes so that I can play with my kids instead of homework, but other than that...)

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