Monday, November 29, 2010

He's 9!

Phineous is 9! My Thanksgiving (born a month early baby is 9!

This year is a year to celebrate with family... which the kids are skeptical about. But it proved to be a great birthday celebration.

We surprised him with the chance to watch Oregon vs. Duke on Saturday. He went with his two buddies and the three Dad's. He had no idea he was going... we told him to get ready to head to the store (he put on his Ducks shirt... cause he always wears his Duck shirt) and we stalled for the friends to arrive. He kept asking if his buddies could come and play and we kept putting him off. Finally the door bell sounded and his buddies had arrived... he and Joe got in the car and the friends told him where he was going. So cool! (He loved the game!)

The second surprise was an ipod touch. I know, I know... he's only 9. What do you do when it's the only thing he wants, you get a great deal, he's very responsible and it's the only thing he wants?!?!!? He LOVES it. He has even shared with his brother without.being.asked!

It was a great celebration! Which wasn't complete with out plain cheesecake :)

I can't believe he's 9! I'm trying hard to enjoy this year because I keep thinking... I'm going to have two kids in double digits next year... aaaagh! Enjoy this season :)

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