Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mom's Day 2011

Mother's Day began with an alarm clock blaring at 4;30am... another drive north for a soccer game with my boy!

After 2 days of driving up and down the free at ungodly hours of the morning I was sick by the time I got home Sunday afternoon.

That didn't stop baby girl from celebrating! She create posters, place cards (for dinner), letters (5 of them), confetti and she gave me a mini pedi (hee, hee... it was actually a manicure, but I love her words for a mani/pedi). Phinneous picked out white roses and asked that I catch for him outside... unfortunately my body wouldn't cooperate, so we took a rain check on that. Daddy also picked out cards... his gift was... 2 bathroom remodels... yay me!

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