Thursday, December 15, 2011

Living in the moment...

I've realized that I need to better about living in the moment and enjoying each moment as it happens.

For example... Fall is my favorite season's.gone.

How did I celebrate it? (Besides celebrating Thanksgiving.)

Did I embrace the beautiful changing colors of the leaves?

Did I enjoy the texture, the chill, the sun breaks, the crinkling leaves?

The big answer is... no.

So, now that Winter is almost upon us and Christmas is rapidly approaching I'm realizing that I'm not living the experience. 

Living Today... my countdown...
100. I stood back to admire our Christmas tree.
99.  I watched proudly (and cramped) as my son sang in his Winter concert (and cracked his knuckles the entire time).
98.  The warmth of the pellet stove.

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