Tuesday, January 1, 2013

30lbs -- gone!

2012 found me feeling terrible... Still. I couldn't sleep, I felt terrible about myself, my clothes didn't fit, etc. professionally, my life was falling into place, however, personally I felt bad -- really bad. In August I found myself looking for answers... Should I do something drastic -- hog, diet oils? Something had to give! While vacationing for 2 weeks in Wisconsin and feeling even worse about my whale-like appearance I started researching solutions. I came across an old friend who had become a health coach for Take Shape for Life (TSFL)... I was skeptical! We spent time messaging each other, I did more research, we talked on the phone (all from the porch overlooking a gorgeous lake in WI). I knew I had to do something and I was "so far gone" I knew I need some results to happen quickly as I wasn't strong enough to wait around. I also knew that I needed to learn about my triggers, but first I needed some results! I still wasn't ready to take the plunge... But then the phone rang. I was offered a full-time job. I was ecstatic, yet felt completely torn. So happy with the turn of my professional life and miserable with myself. How could I inspire students when I felt so terrible? I decided to give TSFL a try... What could it hurt for a month? The hardest part was waiting for my food to arrive...... It arrived about 5 days before I started my new job and I plunged into the program with gusto. Within 5 days I'd lost 5 pounds... I can do this! I won't lie I have had many ups and downs and my coach is ready to ring my neck with my lack of homework I've completed (zero). The first 2 months were easy... It was just what I needed... I'd started a new job and was teaching 4 college classes all while my boss was on medical leave... I didn't have time to think. It's still an easy program, but as the holidays hit I found myself struggling... You can't hide your issues... You must deal with them.... And I still haven't dove that. I need to work thru the homework as I know there are discoveries waiting for me. For today, I celebrate the success... 30lbs, but more importantly the feeling of being me!

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