Monday, October 6, 2008

Get a Grip!

Got one... promise! This fall has been exceptionally busy for our family. I have been so nervous and keyed up about my classes that I've forgotten to stop and enjoy all that I have.

I have
* an incredible family, including a very supportive husband
* I have awesome kids, although they sometimes fight, they know when to smile, crack a joke, give a back-rub and snuggle with mom
* good health
* I have a beautiful home filled with love, kindness and smart people
* I have two great dogs that love me always... I can always bribe them with bones, if needed
* I work with incredible ladies, children and families

I have a wonderful, blessed life!

Sometimes, you need to stop and smell the roses.

1 comment:

Karmyn R said...

Be especially grateful for the health!!!