Sunday, October 19, 2008

$@*()@*#$&*()@ -- Wow!

Stunned as I was, I pulled it together to take photos of the "creativity" and "imagination" of my daughter and her new friend, Mary. Mary's mom and I could only laugh at the sight. All I can say is that I asked to borrow Mary for the morning so that she and Baby Girl could play while I did homework. I knew that it would be bad when I realized that I had seen them each in at least 10 different outfits and I couldn't remember what Mary had worn to our house... enjoy!

By the way, we love Mary and she and Baby Girl will have many more play dates... off to fold clothes!

Edited: CLEARLY it is time to give our loot.. uh, hem... important treasures to other deserving children!


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hey... they didnt jump on the bed!