Monday, August 3, 2009

What Not to Wear...

I'm sure you've seen the show... Clinton... Stacey... the fashion police.

My wardrobe is not so good, but fine for me. I teach preschool... a t-shirt, my dockers and I'm good to roll. My teaching partner Miss S (whom loves all things fashion), volunteered to go through my closet and help me pull things together.

Now this is where I am so sad that I didn't grab the camera!

She had a hard time believing me when I'd tell her how small my wardrobe and closet is. She saw it with her own two eyes tonight with the comment... "What do you mean you gave your husband the biggest part of the closet?!?!"...

What can I say... he has more clothes than me.

So, first I had to pull everything out of the closet and we went through all of it with a big, black garbage bag (it really felt like What not to Wear). I got rid of everything that didn't fit or that I didn't love... I mean everything!!!! I filled the entire bag.

Then, we organized into piles... casual/preschool clothes, dressy clothes and sweaters/jackets.

Next, everything went back into the closet. This is where I had to think. I had to decide how it made the most sense to hang my clothes. I've always hung everything by color, but decided to try something new. I put all of my casual clothes together by color with my casual jackets/sweatshirts next to them. My fancy shirts by color with my skirts next to them. I hung my pants and dresses together.

It looks really great and I can see everything. Miss S has a list of a couple of basics that I need to add back in... or in other words... go shopping!

When we get together again, we are going to put some outfits together, including accessories.

I am so thrilled with the time she gave me. But, I was even more thrilled with her honesty. She wasn't afraid to talk about the shape of clothes that work best on me. EVERYONE should go through this process... it was great.

Now... when do I get hair and makeup?!?!?!!


Pamela said...

If I threw away the things in my closet that were old, didn't fit, or I didn't like -- I would have nothing left

Karmyn R said...

awesome - what a good feeling too. (especially because it gives you a chance to shop for new stuff).

I was going through my close the other day and found a shirt from College....definitely TIME TO GO!