Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Party

For 8 years I've thrown Joe's work Christmas party in our home. I'm ALWAYS amazed that I can get it all pulled together. Here is it looking pretty...

The disaster before... does this happen to you? I was stunned by the mess as I pulled out all of the boxes. The kids had so much fun put everything out. I rearranged a little bit, but they did a great job, so I really didn't have to do much.

Beginning to decorate the tree.

As I was wrapping the stairs with the garland and very frustrated, I decided to wrap the bottom of the spindles instead of the top. What a brilliant moment... so much easier and now we can still hang on to the railing as we come down the stairs.

One of my favorite wreaths that I had to "steal" last year during our annual gift exchange... it was so worth it!

My little artificial group of trees... sometimes I add small ornaments, but this year they are adorned with ribbon.

The green room set up for the party. We had a smaller group this year, so I was able to leave the couch in the room for the first time ever.

The tables were set very simply with white table cloths with an overlay of gold toole... just to give it interest. Usually, I bunch up the toole down the tables, but Joe always feels like he has fabric in his food... so we went with simple. My awesome teaching partner wrapped all of the brown boxes for me and tied all of the ribbons. I had them scattered on the tables and around the room... the PERFECT touch!

Merry Christmas
Our self portrait near the end of the evening!


Pamela said...

you two are beginning to look alike. except for the beard.

Rachel said...

Looked AMAZING...what a wonderful gift to give your hubby and his staff! :)

Karmyn R said...

You amaze me! Just cleaning the house for a party like that overwhelms me!!!

Happy New Year!