Sunday, December 6, 2009

They're all mine!

I love this boy! I can always find him on any court... that hair gives him away EVERY time. Taking pictures in the gym are so hard... I need a few lessons!

I love this boy! This boy that turned 8 -- I can't hardly believe he's already 8. He had a "tailgate" party at the house with a few of his friends -- it was INSANE! He made me smile from ear to ear when he opened his first NBA jersey -- Portland Trailblazer, Brandon Roy -- he SCREAMED like a girl. It was awesome :)

I love this girl... this smart, witty and funny girl who is not afraid to show who she is. At her brother's birthday party, she showed EVERYONE how to do push-ups correctly! She got down on the floor and told the boys, "This is how you do it!" and she proceeded to do 5 REAL push-ups and then she smiled and went on about her business. I hope she can take that drive and finesse it over time.

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