Sunday, January 10, 2010


Phinneous:: age 8 -- the middle child --

He loves to play sports, read about sports, check stats, collect baseball, football and basketball cards. His favorite sport to play is basketball ... and he. is. good. Sadly, I cannot seem to take a decent photo of him playing basketball.

:: Freezing at a soccer tournament (mama was so happy -- he and Pepe played in the tournament together -- it was great).

:: Happy Birthday!

:: Watching big brother play soccer -- he always has his football with him.

:: Summer soccer

:: my little baseball player

:: Maui -- survived the "washing machine"

:: at the Banyon tree -- look mom, I'm in jail (great)

:: This is his "I'm done!" look -- it is at these moments that it is time for him to have some quiet time.

:: Hanging with Dad

:: Catching up on football player stats!

:: Always borrowing my phone to check ESPN or the weather.

:: ick -- salt water in his mouth

:: So proud that he caught a fish, but totally grossed out to hold it! In the end, Daddy held it for him.

My little guy -- he goes and goes and goes, but when he gets frustrated EVERYONE knows about it. He is very smart and very talented -- a pure joy!

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Karmyn R said...

Growing up so fast!!!