Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Teacher Life:: Snowmen Names

After Christmas break, I introduce my students to their last names. Some students are surprised, some are shocked and some think that I am crazy... of course they have a last name!

Everything gets a tidy make-over... carpet squares, name tags and the job chart.

We even make snowmen.


1. Each child gets one small circle for the head -- decorate it.

2. I pre-write each child's last name on a set of larger circles. The children glue their circles together, putting the letters in the right order to spell their last name.

3. Add a hat and arms to complete the snowman.

The snowmen are absolutely adorable hanging in the hallway outside of the bathroom area. When we wash up for snack time we spend time looking at everyone's last name -- Shortest name, longest name, double letters, etc.


Rachel said...

We're making ours right now! :) Thanks for the fun idea!

Mama Voss said...

Yeah! Send me a picture of it:)