Monday, March 29, 2010


I love Spring Break!

I was ready for a break...

Spring Break has changed drastically for me since I was a kid....

I still have many things to do, but it feels so good to have a week with my kids.


Pepe officially finished his first year with the premier soccer team. Saturday was the last game... unfortunately they lost, but they made a good showing (2-3). Somehow, Pepe managed to convince the entire team to head to Burgerville following the game. It was fun and he was so proud of himself. Sunday night we headed to The Spaghetti Factory for a final celebration dinner with the team. He has two weeks "off" before tryouts.


This week we are looking forward to...


Tillamook Cheese Factory

GNO with a friend to a place I've never been

Big Al's bowling

and... I'm not sure what else we will squeeze in (homework for me)

We will definitely enjoy this spring break!

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Rachel said...

Looking SOOO forward to seeing you!! I have a feeling you're gonna have a new fav happy hour spot!! :) Have fun at the cheese factory, too! LOVE that place! Eat some squeaky for us!