Monday, March 22, 2010


The concept of living simple makes me happy.

Right now, my life is busy... too busy.

I'm over committed...

In these times it is important to slow down, find something enjoyable (Do you know that I almost missed the cherry blossoms this year. I literally drove around the corner one day and actually looked up to take in the scene and it took my breath away. Not only for the beauty, but because I'd almost missed them.)

In these times it is important to let anything not necessary "take a back seat."

In these times it is important to rest.

In these times it is important to take care of myself.

In these times it is important to love the people around you.

So today, I will work hard, I will check in with my kids... give them all of the love and attention they deserve and I will forge ahead.


Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

I hear you. It's always good to remember (especially with little ones) to slow down & enjoy life. It just flies right by!

Rachel said...

GREAT perspective, friend!! :) I just breezed thru my living simply book last week...there must be simplicity in the air! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful words of wisdom. If it's not that important, it's not THAT important...(like cleaning dust bunnies under the bed, for instance!)
Lindsey Petersen