Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello Me, Meet Me

Day 2 on my own.

I was "blessed" with a phone call from my professor... and found myself with some additional work to do (not a big deal). I did half of it this morning... so by 11am I was ready to head out on my adventure.

{Really, I was tired of working and needed a break... the house was soooo quiet that I had to leave.}

I picked up some of Baby Girls birthday surprise (I will have to blog about that later). I ran to Target, Home Goods, Sports Authority and Ross (for the second day in a row).

{Really, I couldn't focus yesterday while shopping and forgot half of what I needed to get.}

Then I came home and did dishes, laundry, made kids beds, sorted soccer uniforms, made dinner, chatted with my sister and got the kids off the bus.

{Really, I tried hard to move my feet. I certainly could have napped, watched a movie, cleaned and organized the chaos.}

As I did all of this {I really didn't do anything} I looked around and became a bit overwhelmed with all of the projects I see around me... how will I accomplish this. I have the time NOW.

Then it dawned on me... normally I am sooo many pressing deadlines that I have to schedule my time tight. Right now I don't need to do that and I'm floundering.

{Hello Me, Meet Me}

I need a list... a direction... a plan (hello me... teacher).

I got into the habit of not making lists because they were depressing... they never got accomplished. But now, I can make lists!

Daily lists :: Short Term lists :: Long term lists :: Lists for the kids :: Lists for Joe :: Lists for the family

Isn't it wonderful.... anyone have a pad of paper?


Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

That was like me this summer... the boys are a lot easier now than they have ever been, and I wasn't working... I found myself with so much free time & yet was not accomplishing anything. Out came the lists- and success! I got {almost} everything completed!

Rachel said...

Right there with the lists, too! :)
But, also learning to live a life with margin...makes me think of the simple wife's post on what a successful day should be. Did you see that one? I've ordered the book and everything!

ENJOY this gift of time and margin, friend! :)

Mama Voss said...

Thanks friends! Always encouraging. I saw the post, but I need to look at that book... I have time to read again!