Thursday, September 9, 2010


This little girl is a gift. She is sweet (with a bit of sour). We comment regularly at home about how she is our easy child... the one who smiles, makes us smile, is cheerful and helpful. She is very independent and will spend hours playing in her room or in the sandbox. However, there are times when she is very dependent and wants her mama. In the recent past (during that Masters degree) I found myself putting her off, having few patience with her. I've vowed to change that. I could feel myself pushing her away and didn't want to, but didn't have the effort to put into her needs. (sad, very sad) So I'm on a quest to meet her needs (and mine) in a loving manner.

She loves our nightly reading together... we snuggle up on the couch and read from her American Girl books. She puts on her little glasses and we sit together. I still squirm at times (it's like I get claustrophobic or something), but I'm learning to set my boundaries.... lovingly.

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