Monday, February 28, 2011


I saw a post about a mom's desire to not be busy (I am not judging her wishes... it just made me think about my life... these are my thoughts)... to hav
e her family at home with her... and while I crave my time at home with my family and being "just us", I feel that it ?IS US" when we are together at our events. My kids have learned to support each other, cheer for each other, and help each other. I feel that for the next few years I have to find balance between being just our family vs. giving my kids the opportunities they've asked for.

For us it means we are heavily involved in athletics... they each have a sport each season and in true athletic fashion all of those sports overlap a bit... which can make for crazy times. And now I've found that as my kids get "good" at something they crave it more... individualized lessons, open-play time, etc.

I always laugh when people tell me ...
  • just say no... my thought is who do I say no to... do I tell baby girl that she can't swim because it's inconvenient with her older brothers schedule? Do I tell Pepe that he can't participate in math club because I need to take Phinneous somewhere... NO... for me I figure it out.
  • I won't allow my children to play/do ________ (aren't these the times that shape who we will be become... I don't expect professional athletes, but I do expect hard workers, the ability to work on a team, to stay focused... all of those skills will transfer into life)

The joy I have in watching my children play, focus, interact, find determination is incredible. So my weekend included 6 soccer games, 2 basketball games and one swim lesson... I loved every minute of it!

Play on!

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