Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick, quick... SMART?!?!






Life is very full, and there are times that things must happen quickly around here. One of our go-to-meals is tacos/burritos. Everyone loves them and I can use left-over meat, (and such) to prepare them.

On this particular night I had left over pork... I chopped it, added taco seasoning and let it simmer.

I discovered I was out of refried beans (the kids favorite)... but I had left-over rice and a can of black beans... I mixed them together and simmered.

It was a great taco/burrito night (I try to always have both kinds of shells on hand.) We like to add cheese, olives. avocado, salsa (My kids don't like fresh tomatoes... I do so I add them to mine if I have them, but they will eat salsa.), etc...

What happens next?

I used to wrap everything up individually and store it in the refrigerator for left-overs... not any more!

With the remaining shells, meat, beans and cheese I roll burritos. I can then either freeze them for future use or I put them in the refrigerator for snacks.

1. Roll out cling-wrap.
2. Place shell on cling wrap.
3. Add meat, beans and cheese.

4. Roll burrito and then wrap snugly in cling-wrap.

5. Place rolled burritos in zip-lock bag... on this night I decided that the tortilla bag that was headed for the garbage can would be perfect to store the wrapped burritos in.

Wam, Bam ... quick snacks or lunch... I love doing this as it cuts down on messes in the kitchen and it gives my kids a great snack option!

Also, with subbing, I'm leaving the house early which makes for a hectic morning. I'm trying to cut-down on the things I have to do each morning and making lunches was the first thing to go. After all basketball practices were over I assembled lunches... Baby Girl offered to help. She took orders from everyone (hot lunch or cold lunch... ya know, does mom even need to make you a lunch) (pbj or bagels or sliced salami and cheese) (chips or crackers), etc.

We got everything assembled in the lunch boxes and stacked them in the refrigerator... now the kids just need to grab them in the morning. (I did leave the crackers and chips on the counter... it just didn't seem right to refrigerate them. The kids will add them to their lunches in the morning.)

Whew... one less thing on my hefty morning list... now, what to wear to work?

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I am going to be making these!

I've resolved to quit Fast Food (which me pretty much have done) - so these will be perfect with soccer coming up (and swimming in the mix)