Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bathroom Remodel(s)

Yes, we are moving forward with 2 bathroom remodels! The kids bath and master bath... we are over the moon excited, however, now we are forced to make decisions. We know what design we want and we thought we knew our color schemes until we stop at the show room with the kids. (The kids were great! and I really valued their input.)

The designer is fabulous... she talked with us for a few minutes and definitely got a sense of our personality and went with it. She will be coming out after spring break to look at our spaces and bring us product boards based on our conversation. Joe and I both wanted to go with a natural tone for the master bath and then he spotted marble... in subway tiles and he smiled... a really big smile... and then we came back to reality $$$, but we really like it.... decisions, decisions!

And then there is the question of the kids bathroom... it needs to last... needs to not be outdated in a few years... so now I'm consulting the internet and pulling together looks and ideas that I like... any input appreciated... any design blogs appreciated!

I love what August Field did with her master bath.

I like this... maybe inspiration for the kids bath?

Maybe I need to go retro? Love this floor.

Maybe something gray? However, not this modern.

Best of both worlds? Yellow and Gray... might be true love!

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The Millers said...

Very cool! We have the remodel bug over here too. Be sure to take pictures before/after to put on your blog. We did not. I regret it. Can't wait to see!!!