Thursday, July 14, 2011

Parenting from Maui

We're home now... but I had to share this!

Pepe and his buddy were texting and being a great mom, I always check texts.  I see that he has a text that says... "I'm just checking out a chick with a great butt in daisy dukes." 

So.... what do I do?  I ask him about it... he's embarassed as I tell him its not an appropriate text.  Then, I add, "What are daisy dukes?"

He replies... "I don't know."

I say... "Don't let it happen again." as I walk off and chuckle that my son has no idea what "daisy dukes" are... hysterical (is that wrong that I'm happy he has no idea, yet amused.)

The next night I check his phone and his friend is apologizing and says, "It won't happen again... sorry." 

And then I'm a proud mama that my son passed along my concern... instead of just deleting his past messages.

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