Saturday, July 23, 2011


Sometimes life is just random... so here are random thoughts...

1.  Why is it that when you clean/organize an area of your home you make an absolute disaster while in the process?  And furthermore, why does the rest of your house look like a tornado when you're focusing on a said particular area... WHY?

2.  Why after 3 trips to the doctor (over a 1 month period and an air-flight) does the doctor finally decide to believe mom and try antibiotics... WHY?

3.  Why do I have a child obsessed with porta-pots... WHY?

4.  Why do your child's feet grow after buying new shoes one month prior... WHY?

5.  Why is it your sister's fault that you spilt the coffee creamer on the floor because the apple juice was behind it in the refrigerator... and furthermore, Why after mopping does the floor still look like something spilled on it... WHY?


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