Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's the good stuff...

Daisy at the soccer game... playing with the shadow!
1.  Snuggling with miss Daisy Duke is fabulous... it's like she's teaching me to slow down a few times a day and just be at peace.

2.  Watching my kids do well in their soccer games, but more importantly watching them take leadership roles.

3.  Buying and putting together a new desk for myself.

Phinneous has become a great leader on his team.
4.  Working as a supervisor for student teachers -- I LOVE IT!

5.  The changing of the season.

6.  Missing my husband, but appreciating all that he does.

7.  Planning a baby shower for my little sister.

A homemade breakfast for Joe!

8.  Laundry -- trying to hard to love it... I do love my new homemade laundry soap.


Anonymous said...

Aw - I love your heart toast.

I am going to make that laundry soap as soon as I run out of my Costco size stuff (but it takes a while because of my front-loader - it doesn't use as much soap, which is nice)

Shelly Cunningham said...

Your toast is precious! And I agree with the learning how to slow down. I have spent so much time wishing I was moving slower. Now I have a baby who forces me to slow down (to hold him, feed him, comfort him) and I find myself struggling with it. I feel the need to constantly multi-task. It's been a good life lesson to "just be."