Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wall Art

This picture wall has been driving me crazy for some time. We had new pictures taken and they just didn't fit on the wall correctly. The thought of taking them all down and rearranging seemed daunting. So, yesterday I finally did it. It was on my list of summer projects. I'm pleased, however, I need advice on the "family" letters. Should I get rid of the ribbon that I tied on? Do I need thicker ribbon, a different color? HELP!



Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Looks great! I'd paint the letters black to match your frames and lose the ribbon. That would give the FAMILY a greater impact and make it stand out against the wall more.

I'm with you on rearranging pictures. It's so hard to get the nails in just the right place!


Karmyn R said...

I see a pic of Tanta R - how is she doing?

Mama Voss said...

She's finished her 2nd round of Chemo and has been here for about 3 weeks. She's headed back to WI for awhile. She has a clean bill of health.

Mama Voss said...

I like the black paint idea... I'll try it and post when finished!

wendster said...


Karmyn let us all know of your "existence" so I stopped by to meet you.

I just read your entire blog. The foccer blog cracked me up. I also liked your banner and your rock project, and I thought your mural was GREAT! Super idea to use the printed sports blankie for pillow covers. Then they can each have one. Good thinking!

I also like the idea to paint the word "family" darker ... but wouldn't necessarily have to be black. Could do a nice reddish brown or match the darkest color in that room maybe? And what if you moved the word family UP ... to the very very top? It seems a little close to the pictures still. It looks to me like it wants some airflow around it to make it zing.

Thanks for sharing your talents and introspection through your blog. I enjoyed my visit.

wendster said...

Oh yes ... I was especially pleased to meet you because we both have "baby"..z. My four and a half year old (soon to be 5 in September) still seems to me like my baby! Having a hard time picturing him as "big".

I also like the idea to take the ribbon off of the "family".

Anonymous said...

The letters definitely need to be black like the frames.

Also if you can get everything arranged in a rectangle or square it would work better. Pick 4 of them to "line" the corners and arrange the others in between.

Mama Voss said...

Great ideas gals... thanks!

Pamela said...

I'm an odd ball -- I liked the first grouping just as well as the 2nd.

*never hire me to decorate