Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A little of this and that

1. My day began with roofers to clean my mossy roof. Jeep went crazy... barked all morning. I felt bad for him. He didn't know what to do.

Positive note... he will protect us.

2. I thought I'd get ahead of the game and put our dinner in the crockopt... nothing fancy just some chicken and a can of cream of mushroom soup. Make a pot of rice after work and a great dinner. Well, right before I left the house I decided to just throw some rice in with crockpot... I came home to a ooy, sticky, stuck on the pan mess. I'm fighting a cold... so after teaching I invited my friend to come over for a protein shake (you know... watching those lbs). I made her shake through the pressure washing sounds and the mud Jeep was tracking in the house and the panic attack I was having (it was a mess outside... I wasn't sure that they could get everything cleaned up). I went to make my shake and DUMPED its entire contents into the bottom of my freezer. So, without even too bad of words spoken, she helped me clean out the entire thing. What a mess. Oh, that was while the door bell was ringing and the workers needed the garage door shut... I'll get right on it.

Positive note... clean freezer.

3. I threw out the dinner... yes, I did... I threw it out (with help from Velma)... Dinner plan... eat every left over in the refrigerator and like it!

Positive note... no more leftovers.

4. I was exhausted... I did not put the laundry away... I said I'd put the laundry away.

Positive note... the clothes are clean.

5. I love my hair cut... fast and easy... that's a positive! (Although I look possessed in the photo... I'm really not :)
6. I woke to snow... no delays (that's a positive).

Ah, another day. Maybe the laundry will get put away today, maybe dinner will turn out today, maybe I'll keep my freezer clean. It's all okay!


Thompson Tales said...

sounds like you had a great day!!! i do love your hair cut, very sassy!! i can't believe that you guys are still getting snow, we are expecting snow this week and i HATE the snow....

Rachel said...

I've done that same thing with the crock...lived and learned!! :)
LOVE the hair...can't wait to see it in person! :)

Pamela said...

we had snow that looked just like tapioca

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Poor thing you have had a tough day! I love your hair and the photo! :)

Karmyn R said...

Way to stay positive.

I think the hair cut looks sassy!