Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Push comes to SHOVE

Remember this? The saga of letting go of swim team... the extra energy, letting my child make his decision, the coach convincing us (he didn't have to convince me) to not quit, but take a break.

Well... I'm over it! He's swimming again. Pepe is a child that NEEDS organized practice. He's not a self entertainer. After a month of no swimming we've noticed his growing need of more activity. He wasn't himself, he was getting into too much trouble with us.

So, I approached him... I told him that I'd noticed that he'd been 'bored' lately. He agreed... "Great", I exclaimed. "We'll head down to the club this afternoon." Not completely sure of what had just transpired, he packed his bag. I knew that I wasn't in the clear, yet. After school came the drama... I don't want to, I don't like it, etc, etc. (What I don't understand is that he can't give any reasons why that and the fact that he has a great time once we get down there... I don't think that he transitions well.) We headed down to the club, missed dry land practice, (there was a parking fiasco that made us late) his coach saw him and Pepe knew that he'd been missed.

After practice he was tired, but he had a glow. He showered (and I only reminded him once to watch the time). His final verdict... I had a good swim... we got to practice back stroke flips and turns. The Pepe glow is back!

On another note... I ran! I was able to sustain 1/4 mile runs with 1/4 mile walks... multiple times. I know for all you runners that I am pitiful, but for me... I DID IT!


Karmyn R said...

Sometimes Mama knows best!

Jammin' told me he wanted to quit piano because it was "getting tricky". I didn't quite laugh - but I made it very clear he wasn't going to be quitting anytime soon! (especially because he actually has to think and work at it a little now)

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Good for you and your son! I have got to get back to working -out! You are inspiring me.