Wednesday, February 18, 2009

School Projects

Edited: If any of Pepe's third grade friends parents are reading this, I do not mean to be offensive. It's just a question I've always been curious about from a teacher view and it has become even more interesting from a mom's view.

I used to teach 3rd grade... I've assigned projects... I've shrugged when the project comes back and the mom/dad has done a fabulous job on it... I've admired the family that let's the child work, struggle and find joy.

Our project began with me handing it to my husband. I don't have time, I said. I have two projects to write (getting my Masters Degree)... I wished him good luck.

Pepe drew up a plan. Great, I thought. Good start. Then, I noticed that dear husband was out with the saw, drill and supplies. I noticed that Pepe was playing the Wii... it's not my project, I kept telling myself. Finally, I couldn't stand it...

if your dad is going to do your project YOU must at least stand outside with him!

Pepe scurried off to "help". Not more than 5 minutes later, dear husband comes in with steam blowing out the top. Pepe was not helping, but playing light saber with the supplies and smacked his sister in the head. He's on his own.

Fine by me, I smile... he's a smart kid. He can do it. He can stew in his juices a bit.

Dear Tante happened to be in town. She couldn't stand to see him "suffer" and offered her help. I was very impressed with her. She guided him, but (to my knowledge) didn't do the project for him.

Here is the project. He had to create an instrument. His is a type of drum. He labeled each can with a letter and then wrote out "Mary Had a Little Lamb". It's all his. It's not fancy, but it is his and he's proud of it.

I'm a proud mom. I'm a proud former third grade teacher. I looked at the grading rubric last night. He will do fine. He has all of the components and he's ready to present in class. I feel for his 3rd grade teacher. It will definitely be an interesting day in her class.

So... does your child complete their own projects? Or do you have the intention to have them complete their own projects once they are of age? How do you handle the world of school projects?


Thompson Tales said...

all i have to say is...wait until they are in scouts!!! talk about putting the pressure on yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

So far we haven't had any huge projects (except the Pinewood Derby next week - but daddy is in charge of that. So far they've split the work 70/30).

But, otherwise with homework and reports, I help find the information but let Jammin' do all the writing etc....

I hope Pepe's teacher appreciates it was all his!!!