Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A River Runs Through It :: Catch Up

Oregon Free Fishing Weekend::

We love this weekend. We head to Camp Sherman and spend Friday night around the campfire. We rise early Saturday morning and head to the fish hatchery where the kids take turns fishing. Then it's off to Sisters for shopping and the bakery with the kids. An afternoon of playing, magazine reading (for the ladies while the boys golf) makes for a great afternoon.

Sunday morning after everyone is loaded up, we take our walk to the Head of the Metolious where the river, literally, bubbles out of the ground. Usually, we feed the chipmunks, but we didn't see many... maybe it had something to do with our huge group and three dogs! We did see a family of ducks... it is an awesome, yet very fast, weekend.

Phinneous tried to hold his fish... but it was a no-go :)

The River... just a short distance from the head of the river... amazing.

Baby Girl bought a bag of marbles...

Pepe bought a bow and arrow... which later broke in half :(

The head of the Metolius...

Family of ducks...

As soon as we got back from our weekend it was time for Baby Girl to graduate from preschool. She has been at the preschool for three years as a student, but 6 years total. Pepe started at this preschool when she was a mere 10 days old. She loves this school and I am stunned that she is finally headed off to kindergarten! Yeah, Baby Girl ...

Pepe... the punch server... his favorite job.

Phinneous finished his baseball season with tropy night, sub sandwiches and a game of kick-ball against the adults... he had a great time!

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