Monday, June 29, 2009

Wowza... What a Weekend!!

It was a soccer tournament weekend. Pepe has played in one other tournament before with his recreation team (which was in November). Friday night the boys were nervous. They've had three practices together and Pepe had surgery in there as well. Be the second half of the first game, they started clicking... they lost, but were motivated. They played Saturday morning and lost bad. They still had their chins up. Saturday night... they won! It was awesome. So... we came back Sunday morning to play again. It was a tie, so they moved on to a shoot-out. They won the shoot-out 3-2! Which put them in the finals... they lost in the finals 2-3 to the team that beat them really bad (who flew up from Arizona) the day before. They held their own. The boys took 2nd place in their age bracket in the silver division in the tournament. It was very exciting. Pepe was exhausted. He sat for the first 10 minutes of the Friday night game and played every second of all of the rest of the games. I am so proud of how hard he worked!

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