Saturday, November 28, 2009

It became a tradition?!?!

Last year, I wanted the kids to be able to create something on Thanksgiving day... I needed them to have something to do... thus, apple turkey's appeared.

This year, I hadn't planned on making them again, but Baby Girl reminded me, so I bought the gum drops at the store (just in case).

Sure enough, on Thanksgiving morning the kids asked to make apple turkey's. Luckily, we had three old apples in the refrigerator.

The Tablescape by Baby Girl
(learned from Sandra Lee)

Baby Girl decided to set the Thanksgiving table by herself this year. One of the things she and I enjoy together is watching cooking and decorating shows on early Sunday mornings. She has a keen eye and wicked sense... thus her table. (I forgot to take a final picture after she had added the apple turkey's.)

Place mats

Napkins tied with sparkly gold ribbon (the boys ended up with glitter in their eyes... too funny!)

Tall candles

REAL glasses!

Place cards for everyone -- She wrote their names on the front and inside wrote "Happy Thanksgiving love E_ _ _" If you've seen a six year write and run out of room, then you will get a chuckle out of this...

Replica of Daddy's card:

E_ _ _




(She started by writing thanks, but then ran out of room so continued the word above...)

They boys (without being prompted) wrote on the other side of their card what they are thankful for...

Pepe: The three f's -- food, football and family

Phinneous: My family

Will this be the next tradition?

2 of my 3 children do not like pie. It is a sad, but truthful fact. So, I decided to make sugar cookies, because they like those. I bought new cookie cutters while at IKEA (love that store) that are the shapes of forest animals... too cute. And I cheated a bit with the cookie dough... Baby Girl's daycare had a fundraiser and sold cookie dough... thus, I bought a tub to sugar cookie dough. Let me tell you... it was a great way to make cookies on a busy day!

Tradition lives because young people come along who catch its romance

and add new glories to it.

(Michael Novak)


Rachel said...

LOVE the gum drop turkeys...I need to remember them for next year! And the sugar cookies are a great idea, too! Our fam has a HUGE sugar cookie decorating contest each year...I always look forward to it, even if my cookies look like they were decorated by a 4 year old! :)

Pamela said...

not even banana cream pie?
well.. I never. ha ha