Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I ~HEART~ Michael Jordan!

Not because he's an incredible athlete,

Not because he's talented,

Not because he's wealthy,

Not because he's handsome,

Not because he's Michael Jordan...

I ~HEART~ Michael Jordan because he helped my son to read. Phinneous is a good reader, but he doesn't enjoy reading. You won't find him curled up with a book, but you will find him on the computer researching basketball players, stats and viewing basketball footage.

I'll never forget the day when he asked with all seriousness, "Mom, have you ever heard about this Michael Jordan guy?"

Chuckling, "Um, yes dear... I've heard of him."

"Yeah, he was REALLY good."

Back to the point -- my preschool class went to the library today. I started searching for books for Phinneous (I'm always looking.) After brainstorming with a few moms/teachers I looked in the sports section and YIPPEE a plethora of choices. I brought a home a small selection.

After dinner, I mentioned that I borrowed some books for him today -- he found Michael Jordan and has been reading it all night.

So, thank you Michael Jordan -- and by the way -- Happy Birthday! (Phinneous has been feeding me facts all night!)


Rachel said...

Gotta love those athletes and subjects that "trick" our kids into reading!! :) I heart Michael, too! :)

Karmyn R said...

Awesome!!! Anything that gets them reading.