Friday, February 12, 2010

Teacher Time: Valentine Book/Project

We read this book in class (you can find it here) in class during snack this week. It is a fun book to read and it lends itself to creating a great project.

Earlier in the week (Monday with Miss Sarah) my preK kids finger painted with purple, red and white finger paing. Their job was to cover their entire paper AND they did (wish I had a picture for you). After the paper dried, I used our die-cut machine and cut four different sizes of hearts out of their papers. The hearts were beautiful. (We even used them to send a special former student a Valentine.) Anyway...

At the end of the book, the two boys create a Valentine together for their teacher Mrs. Mouse. It is the biggest Valentine and it is a mouse created out of hearts. We used our finger painted hearts to create "I Love You" mice. So cute.

Guess what -- no pictures!

Go get the book, read it and create your own Mrs. Mouse.

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