Saturday, April 17, 2010

He won! (a pack of gum?!??!)

Pepe has joined the world of track through community ed.

The other night he was timed in the 400 (which means a long way around the track).

I watched him race... three boys were ahead of him... four boys were behind him. He couldn't catch the boys in front of him, but there is NO WAY he would let the boys behind him pass him by. He rounded the corner and sprinted to the end. Most of the kids fell to the ground... Pepe stood tall, put his hands on top of his head and took deep breathes. (I was proud of him. He ran it in 1:32 seconds.)

(I headed home... he got a ride home from the neighbor.) He walks in the door with a pack of bubble gum... I won mom. (What did you win?) I came in first place. (Um, I was there... you weren't first.) No, I came in first for boys in my age group. (Oh, I thought those boys looked big.)

Woo Hoo... I am so proud of you. Wait... did you say you won a pack of gum?


Um... can you be responsible with your gum?

Duh, Mom... yes.

Back track one week... hair cutting scissors found on the counter with a wad of brown hair with blue gum in it. PEPE... DID YOU SLEEP WITH GUM IN YOUR MOUTH?




AAAAGH! (He had to wait for two days to have his hair cut properly... I was busy.) Pepe has long hair... imagine one ear cut short, the other with the hair flowing below his ear... it was soooo attractive!

The comments...

The hair stylist had the nerve to tell me that next time I should try ice and not cut his hair... WHAT? I didn't cut his hair... are you kidding me... he thought I cut my son's hair like that!

From Phinneous to Pepe... I told you she would find out. Yep, the little pill knew the entire time and kept it under wraps for big brother.

Supposedly... Pepe can now handle his gum. We'll see!

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Rachel said...

OMGOSH...totally cracking up over the hair cut! Remember when
Claire did the same thing to her bangs-right before school pics & family pics!!! An official right of passage! :)