Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Teacher Life :: 100th Day of School!

Today was the 100th day of school!

It is a day filled with excitement... we also declared it polka-dot day (all the kids came dressed in polka dots).

Fun Activities:

1. Sharing our 100 day collections
bubble wrap, cheerios, shells, pennies (x2), legos, fuse beads, dog treats, mini m&m's, peanut m&m's and buttons (from the teacher).

We discussed whose bag had the most and least (volume wise), whose bag was the heaviest and lightest. The bags were left out for the day so that the kids could get a closer look.

2. Letter Zz page -- Zero the Hero
Every time there is a zero in our days of counting Zero the Hero makes an appearance and brings a special surprise. Today he visited the class and brought 2 surprises... because there are 2 zero's in 100! They each got a blow horn (yikes!) and a 100 sticker. We celebrated Zero the Hero by drawing him on our letter Zz page.

3. 100 Day Painting
I have a large picture that has 100 on it and in the numbers are 100 boxes... the kids watercolor painted it.

4. 100 Day Collage
Each child had 6x8 piece of construction paper. They made a collage by choosing 10 items to glue on their paper... feathers, eye stickers, yarn, pom poms, tape, etc.

We (my awesome parent helper) taped all of their collages on a poster board and I labeled it for 100 day... (10 collage papers with 10 items on each one = 100!)

5. 100 Snack
Again, awesome parent helper) brought in a granola bar for each child which represented the 1 in 100. She also brought 2 zeros for each child that she had cut into zero shapes. It was a very cute 100. And, just because each child got 100 mini m&m's -- which totally represented polka dot day! Very cute, fun and filling.

Happy 100 Day of School!

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