Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have a fear... of canoes.

Silly, right?

But real.

When Joe suggested we borrow a canoe for our lake trip I was very honest with him about my feelings... NO!

Being that I am so mature, we brought the canoe along and I requested that I not need to be in the canoe. He made my dreams come true. He took the kids out without me. I stood dock-side to take photos. The lake was very windy that day and there ride lasted all of 5 minutes. Pepe was thrilled to help paddle. Baby girl was very nervous and began to cry (that's my girl). And Phinneous... he just went along for the ride.

In the end... Pepe's dream of canoeing was realized, my dream of not canoeing came true.

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Anonymous said...

I am not too fond of canoes either. I am scared to death we will tip over, and I can swim but I don't like tipping. Doesn't make sense really when I type it all out. :) One thing is for sure, you will rarely find me in a canoe. :) I'm with you! ~ Julie