Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh, those silly boys!

I just found these pics and laughed hysterically. What a fun night! One of those nights with Joe out of town and myself running kids back and forth.... baseball, soccer, etc. I remember dropping Phinneous off at baseball and running Pepe to soccer. Pepe finished soccer in time to catch the end of Phinneous' baseball game. We headed down and when we stepped out of the car it started POURING! The field was disgusting, but they kept playing.

Phinneous had a great hit and ran the bases... the coaches were yelling for him to slide into third base... which he did pathetically. The field was so gross... so I was yelling for him to stay on his feet. He had to slide into home and it was muddy. It happened to be their last game, which was a make-up game.

Afterward, the boys ran the bases like they usually do but decided to slide into each base. I was in shock -- MUD. And then I see Pepe... in his soccer gear running the bases with the team and sliding... so GROSS! Must they ride home with me?!?!?!?

I live with this daily!

Pepe had already removed the mud filled jacket he was wearing!

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