Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I ~HEART~ Michael Jordan!

Not because he's an incredible athlete,

Not because he's talented,

Not because he's wealthy,

Not because he's handsome,

Not because he's Michael Jordan...

I ~HEART~ Michael Jordan because he helped my son to read. Phinneous is a good reader, but he doesn't enjoy reading. You won't find him curled up with a book, but you will find him on the computer researching basketball players, stats and viewing basketball footage.

I'll never forget the day when he asked with all seriousness, "Mom, have you ever heard about this Michael Jordan guy?"

Chuckling, "Um, yes dear... I've heard of him."

"Yeah, he was REALLY good."

Back to the point -- my preschool class went to the library today. I started searching for books for Phinneous (I'm always looking.) After brainstorming with a few moms/teachers I looked in the sports section and YIPPEE a plethora of choices. I brought a home a small selection.

After dinner, I mentioned that I borrowed some books for him today -- he found Michael Jordan and has been reading it all night.

So, thank you Michael Jordan -- and by the way -- Happy Birthday! (Phinneous has been feeding me facts all night!)

Monday, February 15, 2010

You know what...

it is really wierd to have a child that is old enough to go off with a friend out of town!

I'm used to having all of my ducks in a row... with me.

This feels strange.

(Obviously, it is a good friend as I don't let my children go trapsing off around the state with just anyone.)

Okay -- off to get motivated to get some things done around here today. We all have the day off and I certainly don't want it to go to waste!

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Teacher Time: Valentine Book/Project

We read this book in class (you can find it here) in class during snack this week. It is a fun book to read and it lends itself to creating a great project.

Earlier in the week (Monday with Miss Sarah) my preK kids finger painted with purple, red and white finger paing. Their job was to cover their entire paper AND they did (wish I had a picture for you). After the paper dried, I used our die-cut machine and cut four different sizes of hearts out of their papers. The hearts were beautiful. (We even used them to send a special former student a Valentine.) Anyway...

At the end of the book, the two boys create a Valentine together for their teacher Mrs. Mouse. It is the biggest Valentine and it is a mouse created out of hearts. We used our finger painted hearts to create "I Love You" mice. So cute.

Guess what -- no pictures!

Go get the book, read it and create your own Mrs. Mouse.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wasting Time

Here I sit...

Wasting time...

I am gearing up to finish a project, but I don't like the project.

Isn't it funny that when we don't want to do something we can think of a thousand things we'd rather be doing? You know it's bad when on the top of the list you've listed:

Scrub the bathroom with my toothbrush.
Clean the baseboards.
Hand wash the hardwood floors.
Iron my jeans, shirts, sheets, socks.
Make dinner.
Pull the weeds.

Oh boy... it's going to be a long day if I don't have an attitude adjustment -- quickly!

Here I go...

I'm going to finish the project...

I'm going now...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Am I a bad mom?

There is a doll we own...

it came from the dollar store...

it has been laying on the ground in the green room, next to the tv for awhile...

Jeep just found it...

It is now his baby...

I'm letting him destroy it...

Am I a bad mom?