Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Giving it ALL

This kid gives it ALL each week.

His determination, intensity and passion speak loudly.

He's struggling right now... not with the game of basketball but with the move of his best friend and his coach (of two sports).

I see the frustration. It manifests itself in pure crankiness and often tears (about something totally unrelated).

He's taught me a large lesson. I need to give my ALL each day when parenting. It's not acceptable to not be intense and determined and focused.

I need to think outside the box with this kid... I need to know how to get out of sticky situations with him. He's an extremely sensitive kid and he often tells me to "not yell at him"... and I shake my head... {I'm not yelling.} But, in his eyes and ears anything stern is yelling and he shuts down.

Oh, the joys of parenting... It's a daily struggle and joy to parent.

Stay focused, be determined, have intensity...

Give it ALL.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I have not sent out a traditional card in a couple of years. That whole Masters "thing" really sent me for a loop... I did create a slide show that I sent via email during that time. While I LOVED the slide show (so many pictures to include and songs, etc) it wasn't the simplicity of a card. So, this year I've purchased cards. I used the picture above... went with the theme of the year... "how many sports can we play at this house"... and had some fun.

Now to address the envelopes... ha, who am I kidding... I need to find the address book!