Tuesday, January 1, 2013

30lbs -- gone!

2012 found me feeling terrible... Still. I couldn't sleep, I felt terrible about myself, my clothes didn't fit, etc. professionally, my life was falling into place, however, personally I felt bad -- really bad. In August I found myself looking for answers... Should I do something drastic -- hog, diet oils? Something had to give! While vacationing for 2 weeks in Wisconsin and feeling even worse about my whale-like appearance I started researching solutions. I came across an old friend who had become a health coach for Take Shape for Life (TSFL)... I was skeptical! We spent time messaging each other, I did more research, we talked on the phone (all from the porch overlooking a gorgeous lake in WI). I knew I had to do something and I was "so far gone" I knew I need some results to happen quickly as I wasn't strong enough to wait around. I also knew that I needed to learn about my triggers, but first I needed some results! I still wasn't ready to take the plunge... But then the phone rang. I was offered a full-time job. I was ecstatic, yet felt completely torn. So happy with the turn of my professional life and miserable with myself. How could I inspire students when I felt so terrible? I decided to give TSFL a try... What could it hurt for a month? The hardest part was waiting for my food to arrive...... It arrived about 5 days before I started my new job and I plunged into the program with gusto. Within 5 days I'd lost 5 pounds... I can do this! I won't lie I have had many ups and downs and my coach is ready to ring my neck with my lack of homework I've completed (zero). The first 2 months were easy... It was just what I needed... I'd started a new job and was teaching 4 college classes all while my boss was on medical leave... I didn't have time to think. It's still an easy program, but as the holidays hit I found myself struggling... You can't hide your issues... You must deal with them.... And I still haven't dove that. I need to work thru the homework as I know there are discoveries waiting for me. For today, I celebrate the success... 30lbs, but more importantly the feeling of being me!

Chapter 2013, page 1

Happy New Year! Just like everyone else, I'm stunned that we've reached 2013! What a year -- I don't think I can even begin to recap -- Baby Girl: Tried softball (played awesome) Played soccer Enjoyed 2 weeks in Wisconsin swimming Began 3rd grad Loved on her puppy daily Phineous: Rocked the pitching mound, basketball court and soccer field Helped his Math is Cool team take 1st place Read more Learned to cut the grass Enjoyed his friends Pepe: Another successful soccer season... Helped his team with their first undefeated season Graduated from Elementary school Found girls Began middle school First knee injury Learned lessons regarding friendship Big Joe: Traveled Works tirelessly Learned to start the washing machine Discovered the joy of running three kids to practice on the same night Relaxed in Wisconsin Cheered his kids on tirelessly from the sidelines Mama: Taught first class as an adjunct professor Worked a three-month medical leave at the University Taught 4 more courses Took full-time job at University and taught 4 more classes (thus Big Joe learning his new skills) while new boss was on medical leave -- whirlwind! Cheered my babies on from the sidelines... So incredibly proud of each f them and their accomplishments Impressed endlessly with my husband and his unending ding willingness to step in as I adjusted to my new world ** decided to start feeling healthy -- lost 30lbs! (More on this!) Sitting and reflecting today and I'm feeling incredibly blessed and in love with my family. Cheers 2013!