Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another Snowed in Day

We didn't break out the sewing machine and we didn't make Christmas tags (yet). We did clean 2 of 3 bathrooms, vacuum the entire upstairs and downstairs, cleaned out, baked cookies and went caroling.

Pepe decided that he was done with many toys. Exciting as well as bitter sweet... my baby is growing up. Gone are the transformers, GI Joe's, many stuffed animals (although he held on to a few), coloring books, and a few (baby) games as he calls them. I have four brown sacks full from him. I still need to peek in them to make sure he didn't get rid of things from Baby Girl or Phinneous.

Some school friends called and invited us to go caroling.

We looked kind of like this...

We then decorated sugar cookies and enjoyed beverages...

We returned home to see that Packers in overtime as they lost :(

I wonder what today will bring?


Pamela said...

I feel sad for the toy sack.

Karmyn R said...

I'm sad for the toy sack too. Jammin' and Buttercup actually played with the Little People the other day (can you believe it?)

But, I can tell there are toys that are slowly being put aside more and more.

They are growing up too fast, Angela!