Friday, April 17, 2009

My Mini Politician?!?!?!?

Pepe decided to run for Mayor of Spudderville (for his pretend city unity). He wrote a speech, practiced it, and created a poster. Yes, it was difficult for me to step back and let him work. Yet, I taught third grade and it is very important for kids to create... it's okay that he got ink on the edges of his stamps, it's okay that the "s" is backwards, it's okay that he cut letters half off of words. It is his design and his work.

The final poster::

The Process::

This time, he was not elected Mayor, but I'm certainly proud of his effort. Great job buddy!


Anonymous said...

WHAT?! How could he not get elected with such hard work as that?

Pamela said...

If I lived in Spudderville I would have campaigned for him.