Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Things that make me *smile*

I've tried to slow down (some of you would laugh and wonder if I was trying) and smell the roses (as they say) lately. I've had many moments of wondering where the time has gone; which made me realize that I need to appreciate the now and not look and push so much to the future.

My smiles ::

1:: My quiet moment in the morning with Jeep as he wakes up and acts just like a baby. He wants his morning love, scratch pat... several times.

2:: Seeing Pepe work hard on a school project, using my scrapbooking supplies and loving it.

3:: Sitting down to dinner and noticing that baby girl has just painted her fingernails... can't take the first bite until they dry!

4:: Watching Phinneous realize that his basketball season is almost finished and instead of moping about it, he is taking on baseball fully... what does that mean for mom... now I have to sit through baseball games on ESPN... by the way, basketball games move much faster. I can move laundry, feed the dogs and return library books and the same guy is still up at bat!

5:: Watching my husband do it all... listen to a book on CD, tv on (muted) working on a Suduko puzzle... that was hilarious!

6:: The sound of baby birds...

7:: Tulips blooming...

8:: Coversations with kids...

9:: Sorting Easter candy... it's theraputic for me... sick, I know.

10:: Giggles and laughter

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kraisl said...

I hope you find those baby birds! That would be so cool to see.