Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sometimes you have to STOP

My lists seem to be endlessly expanding; like your, I'm sure.

Yesterday, I had a small panic attack... no one noticed, it was just for me, but I had to do something. I heard someone say not too long ago that getting one thing in your life in order helps other areas of your life in order. Well, I've tried the panic attack and that didn't work, so I might as well try something else.

My 'STOP' for yesterday was to spend time outside, chatting with a friend, watching/reffing the kids and working in the yard. It was so simple, but needed. It made me feel good. I was able to rake 4 humongous bags of leaves out of the yard, breathe the fresh air, yip with a friend and just be. Maybe that is the key at times, to just be instead of feeling the need to GO.

I could have been in the house attacking laundry, reading/homework, organizing papers, but instead I took advantage of decent afternoon weather. I think it was very good for my mind, body and soul.

My yard is a stress-relief point for me, but lately it was causing much stress. There is so much to do to get it ready... it was at that mucky/yucky phase. I needed to do something about it before it became a daunting task... there is still much to do, but I am one step closer and I feel better.


Anonymous said...

I totally am there with you - and I agree, getting something done outside always makes me feel better. (that is probably why Dave and I like to garden....no matter how messy the house, when the garden looks good, I feel like I've accomplished something).

Amanda said...

I experience panic attacks on a fairly regular basis. Always something to clean, organize. Always someone to feed, bathe, wipe. I wish I had a garden I could tend to!