Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Spring Break

First of all... I forgot my camera... no pictures of our fun day, but we have our memories, right??!?!

1. Swimming at Bonneville Hot Springs with the kids is very fun, however, I don't know that the $80 we spent for the family was economical... or maybe it was... did we stimulating the economy?!!?!

2. Pizza in Stevenson is very good ... I think the name of the place is 'Andrews'. We ate the entire family size...

3. I'm always looking for fun/free/next to no cost activities for the kids... we stopped at Bonneville Dam (which is free) and the kids loved it. We haven't stopped since Pepe was very little. Unfortunately we got there 30 minutes before they were closing. It was pretty cool being the only people in the place and we did see a fish swim up the fish ladder. If you go plan on packing a lunch (or drive 10 minutes up the road for pizza). You can walk around outside as well. I also found out that they have free story times during Spring Break.

4. I *heart* Co$tco! I've been looking for a new swim suite and find the prices ridiculous... I mean really... over $100 for a small piece of cloth that makes me look horrible... So, I was very pleased while shopping in Co$tco to find a great selection of tankini's for.... $22!!!

5. I'm reading a book by Nora Roberts... I haven't read a book for pleasure for awhile (since I've started my masters degree). Quick, fun book!

6. I still have many projects to complete this week and they may or may not get finished. It's okay, I've realized. I will adjust and do the things that are important for me and my family.

Happy Friday!

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Pamela said...

which roberts book?

I read all of hers up until about 5 years ago - and then I burned out. I'm ready to read again, I think.