Saturday, October 31, 2009

Keeping It Real

I wasn't in the mood for Halloween this year. I forced myself to carve pumpkins withe the kids. Wasn't I stunned when they did most of the work themselves... happily.

I couldn't wait to be done coaching soccer... now I'm done and I'm gonna miss those kids. It is for the best... they all need someone else next year. It was a nightmare at times, but so enjoyable at times as well. Both of my teams certainly made me proud.

I am so frustrated with my graduate program... I will make it, but it is so tough to find a balance between mommy, wife, teacher, friend and student.

My son's team lost their first game today... my heart broke for them. They didn't deserve to win... they didn't play well, but I ached for those kids. And then, in a moment I was so proud of those kids. They ran across the field... high 5ed everyone, got a piece of candy, and headed to a team-mates house to hot-tub and have pizza and cupcakes (a totally last second invite). They spent a couple of hours playing and bonding. They were bummed that they lost, but that happens. They know what went wrong. As I talked with some of the other parents we all had the same idea... it was bound to happen (the loss), the kids are working so hard to gel as a team and the biggest goal we all have for our kids is to not get burned out... HAVE FUN!

We are trying a new Halloween tradition... the Gnome/Fairy comes and collects candy a child doesn't want and in return leaves cash. Guess what... I hate it. It made me sad to watch my kids after all of their fun of collecting candy and looking at all of it to have to decide what to give away. My kids love money, so their give-away bowls are huge, but they aren't happy about it. It makes me sad. I feel like the rug was just just pulled out from under their feet. Now, how do I fix it. I love the concept, but not for our family. I don't mind if they have candy... our Halloween candy typically lasts until Easter. A little here and there won't kill them.

I thought I was suppose to have it all figured out by now... I don't, but I'm trying every day. I'm tired of my mood swings and crabby answers... when you are tired of yourself, it is time to make a change.

I'm keeping it real....


Karmyn R said...

That's tough about the loss. At least those kids had fun afterwards together. That is what counts, I think. (Jammin' had a nasty boy on his team who ended up making him cry. I am done with soccer)

Yeah, I can't take the kids candy from them either. I think that is part of the fun - sorting and sifting through it (and having to decide which peace mom gets as payment).

Hang in there.

Pamela said...

I had a Dentist suggest that eating it all at once was better for the teeth.

So I say just hop in an glom glom glom glom. Then brush!