Monday, October 12, 2009

My Molly Girl

My Molly girl passed away early this morning. As sad as it is to loose my dog, I know that it was her time. She lived for 12 years and 2 months. That is a long time for a large dog. The last year she has been here, but not been herself. For the past 2 months she was living... but not enjoying life. She couldn't go for walks (unless you count going to the mailbox), she couldn't chase squirrels and she couldn't get up the stairs to her bed in the boys room. We made adjustments for her... moved her bed downstairs, walked her to the mailbox and loved on her a lot.

This morning, when I found her I was sad... I cried... I sobbed.

Molly has been in our life for 12 years. She was my first dog. She was Joe's first dog. She was our first dog. She was great (that's not to say she didn't have issues, because she did).

She was so good with kids, not just my kids, but all kids. All of my babies crawled on her, pulled her hair and laid on her. She never complained. When they were out of the way, she would quietly sneak off for time to herself. She loved cleaning up cheerios off of the floor or steak leftovers.

She enjoyed walking and running. She loved the snow, the rain, the sun... it didn't matter, she just loved being outside. She loved being with us. We were her family.

Two years ago, Jeep came into the picture. She was his "mommy". She helped to train him and we were so proud of her. We'd always said that she would have been a great mom and she was.

Today, we are sad. We mourn her, however, we are grateful. Grateful for the 12 years we had with her. Grateful that she is now free to run and chase squirrels.

Goodbye Molly. You will forever be a part of our family.


Rachel said...

I'm soo sorry... Hugs to you!!!

Karmyn R said...

Oh Angela!!! My heart is broken. I am so sorry. She was such a great dog. She was loved and will be remembered for always!!!

I remember her chasing after Zeus and that other dog, Pepsi in the dogpark. What fun they all had!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

It is always hard to lose a friend..I am very sorry for your loss..she sounds like she was a wonderful dog with a wonderful life..she was lucky:)

Pamela said...

rip Molly.
I met her, you know! and I was in love with her too.