Saturday, November 21, 2009

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk!

just laugh!

How many times have I told my kids not to cry over trivial things, yet, then I turn around and get to frustrated with something so trivial... like spilled milk.

Well, today it was my turn. I had my favorite green St*rbucks coffee mug filled with coffee. (I received my green mug my first year teaching, from a student. It's been through classrooms, teacher lounges, car rides, etc... goodbye green mug. I will miss you.) I had taken one sip when baby girl asked me to help her with her breakfast. I set my cup down on the table, poured a gourmet bowl of cold cereal (trying to make myself sound like a better mama) and turned and picked up my cup... all of the sudden it just slipped out of my hand.... CRASH!

I looked down to see my cup destroyed and a HUGE puddle of coffee all over the hardwood floors. I looked up at Joe... who had watched the whole episode and just started laughing. What could I do... I dropped my cup, I made the huge mess and it was up to me to handle it responsibly. I cleaned up the mess, got down a new cup and poured another cup.

What a morning!

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