Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tie Dying with PreK kids

For the second year, to celebrate Rainbow week, I have tie dyed shirts with my preK kids. It is a lot of fun and makes the parents nervous every year. They kind of give me a funny look -- tie dye... with kids?!?!??!

Funny enough, the process doesn't stress me out. I like to be in control (stop laughing), so I keep the process simple.

1. All children bring a cotton shirt from home (new or used, doesn't matter). Make sure everyone's shirt is labeled with their name in permanent ink.

2. The night before we tie dye, I bring all of the shirts home and twist and rubberband them (note... next year I should do this the day before in class with the kids. I think they can handle it.)

3. The morning of tie dyeing mix up all tie dye. I mix up three colors: red, yellow and blue. I like to use the die in squeeze bottles. Fill up tub to soak shirts.

4. Students come to the tie dye table one at a time. They wear an apron! They place their shirt on their tray and we talk about getting color all over their shirt. (Shirts should be in a ball, so that the ink can run through them, but so that the dye soaks into the shirt. I don't like the die running all of the tray... it makes a mess and is wasteful.)

I love to watch their faces when the see the colors mix together to make orange, green and purple. It is a real aha moment!

5. Place each child's shirt in a ziploc bag and seal. Let them sit.

6. When I finally get home (it always seems like I pick the busiest day to do this project. This year we had soccer practice, soccer party and the church carnival) I rinse out each shirt individually. I then run them through my washing machine on a quick cycle -- no soap -- and dry them. It is like opening a gift with each shirt I rinse. I love to lay them out and see all of the different designs.

7. I like to give my students their shirts the next day... they are so excited to receive them. We have a Noah's Ark party (instead of Halloween party) and I give them their shirts at the end of our reenactment of the story of Noah. Many children choose to put their shirts on and some give their away to their sister. All scenarios are acceptable. It is so much fun to see them wear their shirts to school throughout the year.

I can't find the pictures of the final shirts... I know I have them... I think I have to get on my other computer... They'll be here soon...

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Rachel said...

You Wonderwoman,you! What an incredible learning experience for the kids! Thanks for the directions, I plan to do it with the girls this summer! :)